Getchell Quality

Ice Is A Food

ice_cubes_182Getchell Brothers is the only packaged ice manufacturer in Maine that is inspected by the State of Maine, Department of the Army and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and is PIQCS PLUS certified through the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA).
Getchell Brothers’ utilizes the Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards (PIQCS PLUS) For the Food Safety and Quality of Manufactured Packaged Ice Standards based on Good Manufacturing Practices per IPIA and FDA guidelines.


ne_ice_assoc_logo_100In fact, we are proud long time members of the IPIA and Northeastern Ice Association, allowing us access to the latest developments in the packaged ice industry.  Our ice is laboratory tested weekly to ensure product quality.  Our state of the art production lines automatically fills, seals and date codes each bag individually which ensures the purest and safest ice products available to our consumers. We treat our ice as it should be treated – a food – and follow strict manufacturing procedures to guarantee unrivaled product quality.  We maintain superior product quality by using proper production practices, proper rotation, and consistent service.

Getchell Brothers’ is hard frozen and lasts longer.  By freezing water in motion, our process doesn’t trap any air in the ice resulting in a solid clean piece of ice that has no taste and will last longer.  One of the basic laws of nature is that pure water will freeze at 32 degrees and water containing impurities and foreign debris will have a lower freezing point. Our unique process freezes water in motion, allowing the pure water to freeze first and any remaining “impurities” to run off.

Are you looking for premium, high quality ice product? If you, like us, consider ice a food, search no longer, we will do whatever it takes to meet your needs for a packaged ice product that is free from defects and any harmful contaminants.

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