Getchell Services

Getchell Brothers Inc. has serviced the ice products industry over 123 years. With that tenure comes a wealth of experience and knowledge. We know ice and we know customer service. We have everything to fit your ice product needs.

Getchell Brothers Inc. strives to provide exceptional service while delivering a clean and pure ice product that can be found in supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, restaurants, bakeries, and at many special events throughout New England.

Getchell Brothers not only manufactures a product that is healthier, cleaner, and tastes better than ice made at home with tap water which can have an odor and stale taste, we can provide customized delivery on our trucks to your store. We also offer dock pickup at our locations.

Getchell Brothers Inc. is able to offer a clean, professional merchandiser program that provides storage freezers in a variety of sizes.

Getchell Brothers Inc can assure a consistently dependable supply of quality ice products due to a long standing efficient distribution system and the industry’s highest standards for providing clean pure ice products.

Our customers are provided with a reliable ordering and delivery system to be assured of having Getchell Brothers packaged ice delivered in 5 lb bags, 20 lb bags and 10 lb blocks to be available to your customers even during peak demand periods. When you need it, we have it! Getchell Brothers even offers both DSD and dock delivery.

Need to get Dry Ice or pick up ice in bulk? Our Brewer dock is open to the public during normal business hours for both products and our Sanford location is open for regular ice only.

At Getchell Brothers people answer the phone during normal business hours; not machines. Our friendly, professional staff is available to help with any of your needs.

Scheduled Deliveries

  • Set to meet your product demand
  • On time and accurate
  • Clean, professional equipment

Special Events

  • Weddings, Company events, Church events, Festivals, Carnivals, etc.
  • Our staff will help you plan your ice needs for any event you have coming up

Emergency Ice

  • Restaurants, bars, bakery, catering, or any other industry. . .; we have a solution for you
  • Available for delivery or pickup

Because we are a family business, we understand the importance of appreciating our customers and supplying their needs in a prompt, efficient and professional manner, no matter what the occasion may require.

Getchell Brothers can provide exceptional service because our delivery personnel are considered the best in the business and trained as such. We have constant contact with our drivers that allows us to handle special or emergency needs quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for peace of mind, search no longer, we will do whatever it takes to be the solution for your ice needs.

We are fast and only provide the best service in our industry. Our customers aren’t just a number, they are our friends, and that’s what makes us different.

We stand behind our name!

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